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Digital Safe for Your Important Data


If you're like most people, you have bits and pieces of information that are extremely important to you - like user names and passwords for websites that you visit, brokerage or bank accounts including online access information, or computer login information to name a few. And just like most people, these important pieces of information are probably scribbled on pieces of paper or saved in a number of computer files somewhere on one of the computers that you own. The problem arises when you need to retrieve this information and try to remember exactly what piece of paper that important piece of data was written on or what computer file, and on what computer, you saved it.

Safekeeping is designed to be your storehouse for those important pieces of information, so that you only need to look in one place to enter it, update it, and most importantly, FIND it!

Why Should I Buy It?

There is no better reason to buy Safekeeping than to simplify your busy life. Start moving those important pieces of information to Safekeeping and you will eliminate the need to create a Word or Excel file for every new piece of information that you want to keep track of. Better yet, you won't have to waste valuable time wondering where you saved that important data because you'll only have one place to look - Safekeeping.

Safekeeping has been designed so that you can easily get to the information you want and enter new data without spending a lot of time thinking about where to put it. We guarantee that Safekeeping will make your life simpler and less cluttered the day you start using it!

Features & Screenshots

Password Protected

The first time you start Safekeeping, you will be prompted to create a password that must be entered in order to access your data. Once this is done, no one gets to your data without that password.


Database Encryption

In those cases were password protection is not enough, you can encrypt your data file to ensure that it is inaccessible by anyone, even if they get a copy of your data file and try to access it with Safekeeping.

16 Pre-defined Categories

There are 16 pre-defined categories that allow you to immediately start entering data for many, if not most, of the digital data that most people need to keep a permanent record of.

More Info
5 Customizable Categories

There are 5 Miscellaneous categories that you can customize for your special needs. Shown below is the Categories Setup screen where you can customize the labels for each of the 10 data entry fields that appear on each of the Miscellaneous category screens. You can also change the label for the Notes field.


View, Print, or Email Reports

Reports containing your data can be viewed, printed, or emailed. Note that you can print the report in either an abbreviated (limited information) or detail (includes all data) format, and reports can be printed to disk or emailed from within Safekeeping.