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ACA 1095 Reporting

Affordable Care Act Information Reports Software

ACA 1095 Reporting The Affordable Care Act (ACA) created new reporting requirements based on the health care coverage provided to employees. Employers with 50 or more full-time equivalent employees are required to complete a transmittal form (1094-B or 1094-C) containing information about the employer and an employee form (1095-B or 1095-C) for each full-time employee. Forms must be filed with the Internal Revenue Service annually. Failure to file, filing late, or if you do not file all required forms will leave you subject to significant penalties.

ACA 1095 Reporting is a software application that makes the process of gathering, maintaining, and generating the necessary information returns uncomplicated and trouble-free.

ACA 1095 Reporting will generate all necessary forms and includes an e-file option in the event your data needs to be e-filed. e-Files are an additional nominal fee of $199 per Federal EIN.  Employers with more than 250 employees will need to e-file their forms instead of submitting paper forms.

PRO-WARE, LLC was approved by the Internal Revenue Service as an authorized software developer and ACA 1095 Reporting was approved for e-filing information reports in 2015 and subsequent years.

Why Should I Buy It?

Testimonial: "I just wanted to take this opportunity to send a compliment and let you know that I found utilizing your program to create and distribute the 1095-C's to our employees was amazing! I'm sure it saved me hundreds of hours!" - Donna

The Affordable Care Act mandates that reports regarding employee coverage be submitted to the Internal Revenue Service annually; therefore, this is not a one-time thing. It follows that when choosing a tool to meet these filing requirements, you should be focused on the one that allows you to spend the least amount of time and provides the most flexible options. Perhaps an example will demonstrate why we feel that ACA 1095 Reporting is the best tool for this purpose.

Imagine you had 100 employees and decided to use fillable PDF forms because there is no cost, other than your time to enter the data in the forms. After spending hours and hours entering the data in all 100 forms, you realize that you did not enter the Country on any of the forms, which is a mandatory field. You now have to edit each of the 100 forms and enter the country, which amounts to another few hours of wasted time.

Had you made this mistake in ACA 1095 Reporting, you could easily change all 100 employees at one time in just a few of seconds. The reason we used this example is because this was one of the most common mistakes that users made last year.

There are a lot of software companies and payroll processors that have modified their applications to accept additional information required for the 1095/1094 information reports, but they are less flexible, do not contain the validation procedures to ensure accuracy of the data, and are far more expensive than our ACA 1095 Reporting software. Making the wrong choice can be frustrating and costly in terms of time and money.

Features & Screenshots

Single Company Home Screen ACA 1095 Reporting - Single Company Home Screen

The Home screen for ACA 1095 Reporting is the starting point for the program. From here, you can add or edit employee or dependent data, import new employees and dependents, or print reports.


MultiClient Home Screen ACA 1095 Reporting - Multi-Client Home Screen

ACA 1095 MultiClient provides a File Manager that you can access directly from the Home screen, giving you easy access to all of your company files. The File Manager allows you to create new company files, rename existing files, and even delete files that are no longer needed.


Simple and Flexible Data Entry ACA 1095 Reporting Employees Screen

Easy to use data entry screens are provided for entering employee, dependent, and health coverage information. Make changes globally to multiple employees at once, set default values for health coverage codes, employee share of lowest cost monthly premiums, safe harbor codes, and SHOP marketplace identifiers.


Comprehensive Reporting ACA 1095 Reporting - Reports Screen

ACA 1095 Reporting will print the IRS Forms 1095-B and 1095-C as well as the transmittal forms (1094-B and 1094-C) for submission to the IRS. In addition, summary and detailed reports can be printed showing employee and dependent information.



Easy to Use Import ACA 1095 Reporting - Import Screen

You can use our import options to add employees, dependents, and employer information rather than manually entering this data. We also provide an Excel template that allows you to import employees, dependents, and coverage codes required for the employee information reports.