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PFS MultiClient

Personal Financial Statement Software for the Professional Accountant

PFS MultiClient

PFS MultiClient is based on the same great design used by PFS Plus to create personal financial statements in a fraction of the time it takes when using other software or spreadsheets.

In addition to the fast and intuitive interface, PFS MultiClient includes features that are specifically included for the professional accountant. A robust file management system simplifies multi-client use, with options that facilitate managing an unlimited number of client data files.

For each client, you can create a complete financial statement, including a cover page, index, accountant's report, net worth statement, revenues and expenses summary, and notes to the financial statements. The accountant's report can easily be adapted from one of the built-in templates and customized for your specific needs.

PFS MultiClient and PFS Plus work together to make sharing data with clients simple. Your client can perform some of the basic data entry, such as assets, liabilities, revenues, and expenses, and you can provide the finishing touches.

Why Should I Buy It?

If you routinely need to prepare personal financial statements for your clients, then you should be using PFS MultiClient. After preparing your first personal financial statement using PFS MultiClient, you'll quickly realize that ease-of-use is no longer a trade-off for sophistication and flexibility.

Whether your needs are basic or complex, PFS MultiClient offers features to meet your most demanding requirements. Reports are based on current standards as specified by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, and now you can leverage this expertise by offering a higher quality product to your clients.

From data collection, to documentation, to reporting, PFS MultiClient is the only solution that you need to create personal financial statements for your clients.

Features & Screenshots

Comprehensive Applicant Data

PFS MultiClient allows for comprehensive entry of applicant and co-applicant data.




Flexible Data Entry

Unlimited assets, liabilities, revenues, and expenses can be entered.




Link Assets and Liabilities

Liabilities can be linked to assets provided as collateral and vice-versa.




Calculates Tax Liability

PFS MultiClient automatically calculates tax liabilties on unrealized gain.





Complete Financial Statements

PFS MultiClient creates professionally formatted statements with all of the information you need to report.

Sample Financial Statement PDF



Detailed Notes

In PFS MuliClient you have the ability to provide extra information with detailed notes for categories and individual items.




Accountant's Reports

PFS MultiClient allows you to create reusable accountant's report templates and customize them as needed.




Unlimited Client Files

PFS MultiClient contains a robust File Manager for unlimited clients.