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PFS Plus

Personal Financial Statement Software

PFS Plus

PFS Plus is a powerful tool for generating personal financial statements that will help get loan applications reviewed and approved quickly. PFS Plus takes the drudgery out of preparing the financial statements that many banks and mortgage companies require in the loan application process.

PFS Plus guides you through the process of collecting and presenting your financial position in a straightforward and systematic way. The resulting reports provide a complete financial picture, including personal information, net worth calculations, and cash flow analysis.

Your first financial statement can be created quickly, thanks to the intuitive and streamlined data entry interface in PFS Plus. Subsequent financial reports can be printed even faster because it is easy to modify archived data. Also, you'll feel confortable knowing that all your financial data is safely and securely saved in your password-protected file.

Why Should I Buy It?

Whether you are providing personal financial statements as part of a loan application or satisfying an institution's documentation requirements, PFS Plus helps you create documents that are thorough, professional, and accurate.

If you've never prepared a personal financial statement before, PFS Plus will make it easy to collect your financial information and give you the asset and liability assessment necessary to present a true representation of your financial position. On the other hand, if you have created your own financial statements in the past, you will find PFS Plus to be much faster and easier than your old methods of data entry and report generation.

While data collection is a very important aspect of preparing a personal financial statement, no less important is the presentation of the data. This is where PFS Plus really shines. Your bank or requesting authority will be truly impressed with the documents generated by PFS Plus.

If you need to prepare a personal financial statement and want to ensure that the information provided is complete, accurate, and presented in an professional format, then you should be using PFS Plus.

Features & Screenshots

Comprehensive Applicant Data

PFS Plus allows for comprehensive entry of applicant and co-applicant data.




Flexible Data Entry

Unlimited assets, liabilities, revenues, and expenses can be entered.




Link Assets and Liabilities

Liabilities can be linked to assets provided as collateral and vice-versa.




Calculates Tax Liability

PFS Plus automatically calculates tax liabilties on unrealized gain.




Professional Reports

PFS Plus includes professionally formatted financial statements and other reports.