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Credit Card Recordkeeping

Credit Card Management Software

Credit Card Recordkeeping

As a business professional, you probably use your credit card to pay for your business transactions. You may even have more than one credit card or use it to pay for transactions for more than one company.

If you do, then you are probably spending endless hours summarizing each credit card statement so that you can enter those business transactions in your accounting system. If you're still writing account numbers and notes all over your statements or trying to create a spreadsheet for each statement, then you know the hoops you have to jump through to make this work. Never mind the time you waste every time you need to go back and look up a transaction.

Credit Card Recordkeeping is the perfect solution to this tedious task.

Why Should I Buy It?

Managing your credit card information is never easy, but Credit Card Recordkeeping can make it faster and more accurate than any other option.

First, Credit Card Recordkeeping is your storehouse for the credit cards that you own. You can enter card numbers, expiration dates, statement cut-off dates, charge limits, and contact information for all your cards. In the event a card is lost or stolen, Credit Card Recordkeeping has all the information you need to minimize your loss.

Next, by entering your credit card transactions in Credit Card Recordkeeping, you can print a statement summary specifically designed to simplify entry of your transactions into your accounting system.

In addition, Credit Card Recordkeeping will be your storehouse of credit card transactions so you'll be able to easily find transactions on a particular statement, locate a transaction paid to a particular vendor, or obtain a list of all transactions charged to a specific account.

Finally, Credit Card Recordkeeping is specifically designed to make entering transactions as fast as possible by taking advantage of auto-complete fields. Consistency is greatly improved by automatically charging the same account for repetitive payments to the same vendors.

If you're tired of spending endless hours managing your credit card statements, you need Credit Card Recordkeeping.

Features & Screenshots

Password Protected

Your data is securely stored in a password-protected file that only you, and those you provide the password to, can access.



Database Encryption

For even greater security, you can encrypt your data file to prevent access without they encryption key.

Unlimited Credit Cards for Multiple Companies

Credit Card Recordkeeping provides the most flexible approach to accommodate an unlimited number of credit cards. In addition, if you use your credit cards for more than one company, you can easily identify the company when entering transactions.

On-the-fly Data Entry

There is no need to setup payees, account, or companies in advance. If you enter a new one, you will be prompted to accept it and it will be automatically added to the corresponding file.



Time-Saving Data Entry Features

We invested an enormous amount of time ensuring that entering transactions is fast, consistent, and error free. Some of the features that are included when entering transactions are: popup lists, auto-complete fields, and most-recent auto-selections.


Recurring Transactions

If you have one or more recurring transactions on a credit card statement, these can be saved to a recurring entries file. This can save a great deal of data entry since many people have many transactions that are recurring.



Expense Ledger for Review and Analysis

The Expense Ledger report allows you to review transactions that have been entered for all your credit cards.