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Ratios Plus

Ratios Analysis Software

Ratios PlusRatios Plus, or R+ for short, is a tool to create and maintain financial ratios and accounting data for clients and companies. Ratios Plus will create Activity, Liquidity, Profitability, and Debt and Capital Structure ratios from data previously entered or imported into the program. In addition, create your own customized ratios using the User-defined Ratio Wizard.

Try R+ now and you will find it indispensable for your company and clients. It will save time and money, giving you the most professional results for your clients or your own company!

Why Should I Buy It?

Ratios Plus will become indispensable as you begin to utilize the many customizable features for your clients. You can quickly enter accounting data on a monthly or annual basis to chart ratios or data for up to 10 years. Data or ratios can be easily compared or charted to discover trends in sales, accounts receivable, current liabilities, etc. within a given year or month. Once you see how easy and intuitive Ratios Plus is to use, you will never use another financial ratio program.

Features & Screenshots


The client screen allows you to enter unlimited clients for which you can setup ratios.

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Ratios Plus has a multitude of ratios to meet your needs.  They include activity analysis ratios, debt and captital structure ratios, profibility ratios, liquidity ratios, and 10 user-defined ratios.

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Financial Data

Ratio data can be taken directly from you Financial Statements and entered into the program under the appropriate category.

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Ratios Plus includes a chart wizard to help you create useful charts for you or your clients based on your ratios.

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Ratios Plus contains a wide variety of reports to preview on-screen, print to a disk file, or send to a printer.  The list of reports is quite extensive and should easily fulfill your reporting needs.

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